Hunter Field Capital Partners (‘Hunter Field’) is an investment manager for funds which invest in global listed equities. Hunter Field was founded in February 2011.

Hunter Field is the investment manager for the:

  • Hunter Field International Fund (Long / Short Fund)
  • Hunter Field Global Fund (Long Only Fund)

Hunter Field also manages Individually Managed Accounts.

Investment Team

Andrew Hills is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Hunter Field. As CIO, Andrew leads the Investment Team comprising 2 investment specialists. Andrew has over 17 years equities market experience as an investment manager including experience in equities research, investment strategy and risk management.

Prior to founding Hunter Field, Andrew worked for WilsonHTM Investment Group for 9 years, where he was a senior equities research analyst.

Prior to WilsonHTM, Andrew founded a business in the Australian marine industry which he operated for 4 years. Over this period, Andrew successfully grew the business until it was sold in the year 2000.

Andrew commenced his working career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, spending 4 years working in the Business Recovery and Insolvency Management division. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business, with a double major in Accounting and Finance. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance from FINSIA.

Andrew invests the vast majority of his personal wealth alongside investors in the Funds.

Hunter field Australia Fund

hunter field international fund

Long / Short investment in global listed equities based in US dollars.

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Hunter field Global Fund

hunter field global fund

Long Only investment in global listed equities based in US dollars.

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